2 Days
Tour Type
Daily Tour
Group Size
30 People
Tour Guide
05 People
Overnight Camel Safari at Thar Desert

Overnight Camel Safari at Thar Desert

Package Details

Overnight Camel Safari At Thar Desert, checkout the camel safari package for more details.

  • Morning:

    • Our representative driver will greet you at Jaisalmer Railway Station/Airport.
    • Transfer to Classic Villa near the Railway Station for a few hours of relaxation.
  • Late Morning/Early Afternoon:

    • Begin the city tour, exploring the following attractions:
      • Gadisar Lake
      • Patwo ki Haweli
      • Salim Singh Haweli
      • Mandir Palace
      • Jaisalmer Golden Fort
    • Lunch at Jaisalmer Fort or in the city.
  • Afternoon:

    • Return to Classic Villa for a brief rest and preparation for the Camel Safari.
  • Camel Safari (The Real Desert Experience):

    • Depart around 3:30 PM from Jaisalmer by Jeep/Car.
    • Enroute visit Kuldhara and a natural desert oasis.
    • Warm welcome by friendly guides and healthy camels.
    • One camel allotted per person for a 75-minute ride to the sand dunes, observing the desert wildlife.
    • Stop at the dunes, marvel at the beautiful sunset, and enjoy delicious snacks.
    • Gather around the bonfire while the camel man cooks a fresh vegetarian dinner in desert style.
    • After dinner, relax on the dunes, count the stars, and sleep under the stars in warm and cozy bedding.

  • Morning:

    • Wake up to a beautiful sunrise with masala tea.
    • Enjoy a healthy breakfast.
  • Camel Ride:

    • Mount on your camel for a 60-minute ride.
  • Return to Jaisalmer:

    • Take a jeep ride back to Jaisalmer.
    • Reach Jaisalmer by 11 AM.

Destination Jaisalmir
  • Transportation for sightseeing and camel safari.
  • City tour covering popular attractions.
  • Villa accommodation for relaxation and rooftop fort view.
  • Camel safari departing around 3:30 PM.
  • Visit to Kuldhara and a natural desert oasis during the safari.
  • Allotment of one camel per person for a 75-minute ride to the sand dunes.
  • Sunset viewing with snacks.
  • Bonfire and dinner in desert style.
  • Overnight stay on the dunes under the stars.
  • Sunrise camel ride.
  • Jeep ride back to Jaisalmer.