3 Days
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Daily Tour
Group Size
30 People
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Candlelight Dinner on Dunes with Bonfire

Candlelight Dinner on Dunes with Bonfire

Package Details

Experience the enchantment of a romantic evening under the starry sky with a private candlelight dinner on the dunes. Desert Safari offers this magical dining experience for groups, creating a romantic and intimate setting enhanced by a bonfire, folk dance, and music. Minimum booking for this experience is 02 persons or more, making it perfect for couples or small groups.

  1. Romantic Dinner Setup:

    • Enjoy a private candlelight dinner set up on the dunes, creating a magical ambiance for your special evening.
  2. Bonfire:

    • Revel in the warmth and glow of a bonfire, adding to the cozy and intimate atmosphere of the setting.
  3. Folk Dance and Music:

    • Be entertained by traditional folk dance performances and music, immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region.
  4. Clear Sky with Moon and Stars:

    • Indulge in the romantic setting of the desert with the moon and stars shining down on you, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for your dinner.
  5. Fireworks (On Request):

    • Optionally, stunning fireworks arrangements can be organized on request, adding a sparkling touch to the celebration and lighting up the night.

  1. Arrival and Welcome:

    • Arrive at the luxury Desert Safari around 16:00 hrs.
    • Park your vehicle in the free parking area and be greeted with a welcome drink.
  2. Jeep Safaris in the Sand Dunes:

    • Embark on a thrilling Jeep safari into the Thar Desert.
    • A trained Jeep driver will lead you on a bumpy ride with ups and downs on the dunes, providing an adventurous and fun-filled experience.
  3. Private Candlelight Dinner:

    • After the Jeep safari, experience a private candlelight dinner on the dunes.
  4. Return to Classic Desert Safari:

    • After dinner, you will be dropped back to Classic Desert Safari.
  5. Relax in Luxury Tents (For Staying Guests):

    • If you are staying with Classic Desert Safari, you can relax in the luxury tents after the dinner.
  6. Return to Your Hotel (For Non-Staying Guests):

    • If you are not staying with Classic Desert Safari, you can proceed back to your hotel on your own.

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