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Padharo Mhare Desh

Jaisalmer- the Golden city of Rajasthan with its fascinating culture and heritage is sure to win the minds of everyone. The havelis structured hotels and royalty saying "अतिथिदेवोभव" is what makes it an excellent place to visit. Holiday rajesthan tour packages are the perfect way to explore this irresistible and culturally rich place. This exotic location is filled with mesmerizing palaces and majestic forts. Not only that the Thar Desert (the main attraction of tourists and the heart of Jaisalmer) adventures give tourists an unforgettable live experience. Jaisalmer is home to knowledge and history. If you are interested in getting a deeper knowledge of cultural history then the Jaisalmer trip is the best option for you.

Desert camp provides a variety of Jaisalmer Sand Dunes Package that allow you to feel the true spirit of Jaisalmer. This package allows you to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring grandeur of the Thar Desert while also enjoying a true and wonderful desert safari experience.

Here are some special packages that you get with best facilities and friendly staffs:

Couple package, Honeymoon package, 1 night & 2 days tour, 2 days & 3 nights tour, 3nights & 4 days tour, Swiss tent package, Overnight camel safari package, and romantic dinner on Dunes.

With our Couple Package in Jaisalmer, you may get the ideal romantic getaway. Relax in the gorgeous desert landscape and share priceless moments. Enjoy a romantic evening under the desert sky with a spectacular Rajasthani feast cooked exclusively for you and your love. This package is only for couples looking for a mix of adventure, luxury, and intimacy.

With our specially prepared Honeymoon Package in Jaisalmer, you may mark the beginning of your married life. As you travel to the magical desert region, let the appeal of this seductive look sweep you off your feet. Set off on private travels to lovely locations where you may spend quality time with your loved one in a variety of luxurious ways.

Holiday Rajasthan tour Packages Jaisalmer

Popular Tour Package

Explore the allure of Jaisalmer with our Desert Safari, step into history on the Historical Tour, or choose from other curated packages for an unforgettable Rajasthan adventure.

Padharo Jaisalmer 01 Night 02 Days

1 night & 2 Day

Padharo Jaisalmer 01 Night 02 Days

If you Are Looking For Only 01 Night 02 Days in Jaisalmer Then check out this package to Cover All Jaisalmer Monuments

Padharo Jaisalmer 02 Nights and 03 Days

2 night & 3 Day

Padharo Jaisalmer 02 Nights and 03 Days

If you Are Looking For 02 Night's In Desert Then Check Out This package You Can Explore, Jaisalmer City Sightseeing, Desert Safari, Tanot &...

Jodhpur City - Jaisalmer city - Desert camp - Tannot Longewala

3 night & 4 Day

Jodhpur City - Jaisalmer city - Desert camp - Tannot Longewala

If You Are Looking For 03 Nights in desert and 04 days in city hotel then We provide this Package to Explore All Jaisalmer Monuments.

Desert Camp Package

Desert Camp Package - All-Inclusive Check-In: 03:00 PM Check-Out: 10:00 AM Package Highlights: Camel Safari on Evening: Enjoy a...

Overnight Camel Safari at Thar Desert

Overnight Camel Safari At Thar Desert, checkout the camel safari package for more details.

Candlelight Dinner on Dunes with Bonfire

Experience the enchantment of a romantic evening under the starry sky with a private candlelight dinner on the dunes. Desert Safari offers t...

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